Story & Conviction of Cosmic Reflexions

-Stop looking on the outside & start digging on the inside because the only way out, is In-

We are all living in our personal dream; positive or negative. We´ve created this dream ourselves by what we believe in. Then the first question comes up: Did we decide what we believe in or did we get told what to believe in? This is the main fundament Cosmic Reflexions is built upon.

Personal life reflection. 

To regain our powers as human beings, we have to start looking for the deeper truths of our world to be able to create a better understanding of what our human experience is about. We have gotten to the point where everything is so divided in our outer world that it created an imprint for our inner being. We started believing everything is separate from everything else, leaving us with a sense of uselessness. Uselessness being created by a misunderstanding of our environment.

This is the main purpose why Cosmic Reflexions came into existence:

Finding a deeper meaning of what we are doing here, reconnecting to our true selves & unifying our world with Love.