Welcome to Cosmic reflexions

Our Focus

What do you believe is the main cause of all problems?

Many of us will think it´s money but we don´t believe it is. 

Cosmic Reflexions got designed with only one focus: To create a shift in our understanding of what life is about. We believe that the main cause of all problems is related to our general perspective towards life.

So only one option left for all of us to focus on:

Let´s change that perspective!

Whichever perspective you decide to have, you will always be in the center of everything that will ever happen to you. So don’t forget, you decide your perspective. That is your main power. The more flexible you choose it to be, the easier you will be able to get through the difficult times of life. It’s all your decision.

Reflections of life

Our message

Did you ever wonder what would happen if we dropped our judgements & expectations?

Unconsciously, this has become deeply ingrained in our society in general. We judge every situation, even without experiencing it ourselves and we tie our emotions to our expectations, which will never take you anywhere in life. You end up having an opinion about situations you will never live and be deceived about unimportant happenings.

The result will be a disconnected and judgemental point of view, of what life is about. 

How to make a change?

Start reflecting about everything that made you who you are. 

Be free, be open & become that what you always desired

Our mission

What is it that you have always dreamt about?

Do you dare to seek further than what others have convinced you of?

We tend to have dreams when being younger and then, BOOM.. Life happens and before we know it, a lot of precious time has slipped out of our hands. We see mediocrity all around us so we accept it for ourselves as well and we don´t dare to dream big anymore. Life loses its magic.

The main idea is that nothing is out of your reach, everything IS possible. Putting small objectives and having determined reasons, all we ever thought of can be created in our lifetimes. It all just starts with one thing:

Believe and you will be able to receive.

Spreading this knowledge will be our main objective!